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Q- What do the puppies come with....

zuchons Puppies also known as shichon puppies, these are designer puppies, We also carry the true teddy bear puppies which is bichon-poo and shihtzu!, plus ours have eruo linage's such as the Imperial teddy bears, and sometimes we have ether Ewaoks a new designer dog 1/2 true teddy bear and 1/2 teacup yorkie or  Micro and teacup Yorkshire Terriers.

Each of our "designer Teddy Bear puppies" and Hybrid shichon Puppies, Receives...

• First two sets of Shots, Deworming

• Bloodline Linage Document & Registration

• Life Time Phone and Email Support, & Database Recording for any reason such as vet transfers ex.

• A CD of your puppys weekly photos, Video of your Chioce, and Tips on Potty Training, Puppy Training, socializing, and Much Much More, so your new puppys Super Development dosent stop here!

• Weekly Updates with photos, video, and weekly updates on the steps we take to socialize your new puppy and the puppy's development. Also the puppies page is allways kept up with a link under the nurserys slider as a keepsake page.

One Year Health Guarantee Contract


Q- Do the puppies have papers?
Yes AKC, Or IDCR Both Reputable Registrations - We also Set up a Pedigree of our own Jus as a keep sake.

All of fuzzy puppy love mommies and daddy are on this page, find out about masiy our shichon, and rover our Mediterranean TeddyBear, meni and freckles our Imperial "Teddy Bear"  bloodline, dont forget katie our teacup Yorkie!


Our Dogs & Puppies are also registered at IDCR
They come with paperwork from this Registry as well

International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) - www.designercanineregistry.com

Please Note: Any puppies born before 08.01.09 only come with Linage document and email records, and are not registered at IDCR or included in Fuzzy Puppy Loves Database.

Micro & Teacup Yorkies are registered by AKC

Please Note: The Micro & teacup yorkies are bred down for many generations, they are real Micro and Teacup yorkies NOT RUNTS! They are healthy& Happy and come with our same contract - services - care & package as our teddy bears.

There is a a lot of controversy and misguided information online about teacup dogs.

The thing is, its all true! WHAT! Well, to an extent.

You see there are breeds who have a gene that stunts the size of the dog, and there are runts.
Also there different variations of the smaller structure genealogy.

Take the poodle for instants, they have teacup poodles, that are just the smaller variation of the toy poodle, perfectly healthy, but cannot be bred.

Why cant they be bred? Well they do not have the many generations behind them supporting that gene, such as the Yorkie dose.

Also you must be careful that you do not buy a runt, lots of breeders well sell a runt as a teacup. always ask the parents size.

A true teacup has generations of the smaller structured genes along the blood line.

They are just as healthy as the big ones. but of course sense they are smaller they can easy get hurt if stepped on, or played ruffly, These are not dogs for young children.

Now what about the Micro?
Well teacups are many, many generations in to breeding but the micro just started, branched out and through the teacup Yorkie genealogy.

Teacups are 5-4 pounds, where a micro is 3 and under. and again, please make sure you do not buy a runt! Runt do tend to have alot of health problems, and sometimes can catch up in growth any how.

There are tests they can run to see if the puppy is healthy and not a runt. Any professional breeder would be able to tell just from raising the puppy, and again refer to the parents.

Micros, being fairly new (under 20 generations) are not recognized, and so the breeder should state by the puppy the generation, such as F-3 meaning third generation in size.


Q- I like the shorter snouts, does that cost more and is that called a baby doll face?
A- No one has ever contacted us and asked for a long snouted (Faced) Everyone wants a baby doll, short snouted, not like the shih tzu but that of the ewoak. Most designer breeders adds to the cost of a pup depending on the features, we do not. The short snout and short ears feature is mostly lost if a pup is estimated to be 6 lbs or more. Good hair, short snout, and short ears is what a "Baby Doll Face" is. Like a "Ewoak" on Star Wars.

Our breeding process includes Euro bloodlines which are the Mediterranean "Teddy Bear " The Mediterranean "Teddy Bear " a Hybrid Zuchon (shichon) The true teddy bear mix ( Bichon-poo/Shih tzu), however in our case the Bichon is Mediterranean Bichon which is the euro linage,
F1 meaning first generation True Teddy Bear
(later shichons were called teddy bears), his father being Mediterranean bichon-poo, a smaller bichon with Euro features, such as, button eyes, thinner snout, softer hair, and long silky tail hair.

Then the Imperial "Teddy Bear " a Hybrid Zuchon (shichon) True Teddy Bear mix ( Bichon-poo/Shih tzu),
F2 (second generation True Teddy Bear
) with imperial shih tzu on the fathers side to provide us with Euro features, such as, the baby doll face and "Ewoak" (on Star Wars) like features, with smaller size of course.

These are true Teddy Bear Puppies, but a step up with the euro bloodlines.

Q- Why do you wait ten weeks to give us our "teddy bear" puppy?
A- We want to make sure our little Teddy Bear puppies do not get sick during the transfer of homes, therefore we make sure each shichon or teddy bear puppy receive both first and second sets of shots, you must remember to give them there third set at 12 weeks, Do not take them outside till then.

We do not deposits on the yorkies until 8 weeks of age. They also wont go home until 12 weeks or older depending on size. Teddys go home at 10 weeks (local pick up), and 12 weeks (out of state). Deposits on teddys are open at anytime after the adoption process. except on Menis puppies, her pups have a four week deposit hold for testing on the Imperial Dominate.


Q- How do you estimate a puppys future weight?
A- To get a close estimate of the future adult weight of a pup,
times the 8 to 9 week weight by 3, or times the weight of a 12 week old pup by 2 to get a ballpark estimate. Some Teacups stay at the same weigh for several weeks so the math above is not always correct.
(2 lbs @ 8 weeks =6 lbs grown) (2 lbs @ 12 weeks=4 lbs grown)


Q- Does the $200 deposit I place on myEwoak or Teddy Bear Puppy
go towards the final cost of that puppy and do you have a payment plan?
A- the final balance due will have the $200 deposit deducted from the total. We do not have a payment plan, but you can make payments as long as you are paid in full by the time your shichon or teddy bear puppy is 10 weeks.
You Must pay in full when you pick up your puppy.

Payment Plans can be set up with PetLoans.com  


Q- Why are males cheaper than females?
A- 90% of the time there are more males born per litter making a surplus of available males throughout the year, also males have to be fixed at 4.5 to 6 months of age to make good house pets which is a additional cost to you,
females don't need this elective surgery to retain their house training manners.


Q- What is the different between getting a male or female puppy?
A- Males are happy go-lucky and don't get so possessive with their family.
Males accept & make it easier to introduce a new family pet member later on. Males have to be fixed by 4.5 to 6 months of age to be good house pets,
females don't have to be fixed. Females, 80% of the times don't like new pet comers into the family circle after being the center of attention for several months, This will cure itself over several days once the established first female spends time around the new pet. Both males & females are equally as loving & show affection just about the same. The old wise tale that male dogs like human female owners better and females dogs like human males
better is not true. Who ever spends the most time with a new pup gets to be the number one human with the pet.


Q- Can I change dog foods to something I like to feed when I receive my pup?
A- Yes! They don't make a dog food that kills dogs. Please feel free to feed what ever you are used to feeding. Please be carefull about over the counter dog food, these dog foods some times use the pounds dead pets.
and can shorten the life spand to almost half what they would usally live to.


Q- Is it true that teacup dogs usually have more health problems?
Would you suggest getting a regular or bigger sized zuchons instead?
A- There is no difference in health with big or small, once they are over 6 months old, its all about the environment they are raised & live in, Small kids?
Bad,,,,,, Accidentally kicked? Bad,,,,,, Slammed in doors, Bad,,,,,,, Dropped?,,,,,Bad,,,,,, and on & on. Its the quality of life a tiny receives that affects its life span, nothing more.


Q- If I put a $200 deposit on a pup and have to cancel for any reason, do I get my $200 deposit back?
A- No, the $200 deposit is forfeited, We want everyone who is considering a new pup to be 100% sure they can have or really want a new pup before we take a $300 deposit. There is much involved on our end, such as that pups web page listing being cleared & updated, the flight being booked,
pet carriers being personalized for that pup, a vet visit & over 2 hours of paperwork per pup sold to get them ready to ship.


Q- If my shichon or Teddy Bear puppy needs to be shipped, How much would shipping be?
A- Shipping is $300 for the 1st pup. any pup after that is $100 more. We also supply a shipping package, free of charge which comes with a carrier, baby blanket and food trays.


Q- Where are you located?
A- In montgomery, Texas, on lake conroe. Please call for an appointment and a map quest map with directions well be emailed to you within minutes!


Q- Can I come to your home and look at the pups?
Do I need a appointment?
A- Yes you can come look at our puppies 7 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM. We require that you just call ahead and set up an appointment time.


Q- Most of the breeders I have found on the Internet want a money order or Western Union as payment. Is this a safe way to pay for a puppy?
A- Western Union is the most widely used funding means for scams and fraud. If a person selling a pup will only take Western Union or a money order as payment, move on to another breeder.
Find one that will also accept credit cards, DON"T send cash, money orders or Western Union out of the US for a pup,,,,,,ever,,,, Africa???
Please! In 3 years I have never heard of a person getting a pup by sending a Western Union out of the US to buy that puppy.,,,,, You will be ripped off!
If a breeder offers to take credit cards, they are a legit business
as you can always get your credit card company to reverse the charge if you don't get a puppy. Here at www.fuzzypuppylove.com we take several major credit cards.


Q- What do you guarantee?
How do you support your contract, and what is the contract?
A- All Fuzzy Puppy Love puppies come Guaranteed.
The Buyer has the option of three working days from the date which the puppy goes home with the buyer to have the health of the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. All sales are final and non-refundable for any reason except for a life threatening illness and/or life threatening genetic defect identified described in writing by a licensed veterinarian within the three working day guarantee period. For a replacement puppy, a letter from a licensed veterinarian, the puppy, all papers and information must be returned to the Seller. Once the puppy leaves the Seller the buyer is responsible for any expenses, medical or otherwise incurred. Seller is not responsible for viruses, internal or external parasites.

We give our pup's K-9 ADVANTIX a monthly fela drop, as well as deworming, facial grooming, and at least two sets of shots, before we hand over your pup over. W e also spend alot of time socalizing with the puppys as well to futher floppytize them, they are naturally a loving dog, but we like um extra floppy!

How do you support your contract, and what is the contract?
This contract comes from a breeders network, this dose not reflect on our service, We honor the contract but also surpass its expectations, Lets go over what you can expect from us besides the contract.
For Contract Click Here

1. Teddy bears DO NOT STRESS if you pick them up a lot,
THEY NEED IT, so please ignore that part.

2. Even though the contract is over in a year, that doesn't meen we cut you off, we love our baby's you can call us any time or email us life long for support, and if you can't keep him for some reason we will help you sell him if he is older and can't be sold we will just take him back never ever take him to the humane center or the pound!

3. We give them shots so they are better protected, even though its not insured under contract we still do it for our peace of mind.
Same thing with parasites, we deworm them and apply a month flea control, its not under contract but we don't care they need to be healthy they are just babies. Also not under contract if any of our baby's ever got ring worm or ticks ex.. Of course we would treat it.

We play with our babies all day, we would find
it and treat it before you even got them and then as a precaution we would give you medication just incase of recurrence.

4. If a puppy ends up with Hernia, or any other minor defect that doesn't effect the health of the pup, and may produce in low cost surgery "Under 300.00" in our care, we will discount the puppy to $500.00. Fat pockets Excluded


Please Keep your new puppy's development in mind!
The Teddy Bear breed has a waddley walk to its structure, in some cases if the dog becomes highly over weight, in its older ages the dog may need knee surgery. So please feed your new puppy right. its is rare, but its best to feed them right anyhow. Alot of problems can arise if a dog becomes overweight, or is unhealthy for any reason.
Please note: these dog do not tend to become overweight, they are active dogs, but in any dog as they become older they lose there level of activity and if your feeding them tons of human junk food as with any dog they well become over weight.

Also Keep them Active! Walk and play with your new puppy. A dog can become depressed if forgotten, and its just unhealthy all together. Please take care of your new puppy, we are here for you life long for any questions, so please don't hesitate! We care about all puppies, so even if they aren't ours please don't hesitate to call or email for any reason!



This page explains the in depth development we put into each of our  hybrid puppies. the zuchon (shichon) mix. teddy Bear puppies, and sometimes micro yorkie or ewaoks. Holistic Puppy Care Hybrid designer puppy dog breeder References




True Teddy Bear Puppies, Watch them play and grow, Weekly Photos and Videos!

Hybrid Shichon Nursery "Teddy Bear Puppies"

The Daddy & The Mommies!

Learn more about the sire of our Designer Teddy Bear Puppies, watch him sneak off into the lake we live on and go swimming.
Mediterranean Sire, Shi-chon & TeddyBear Dams

The Puppy Process!

Both the Bichon and the Shih Tzu are very social dogs, and the mix is every bit as social. To learn more about these rag doll babies and the in depth development ...Ewoak and Teddy Bear Puppy Process

Fuzzy Puppy Love FAQ's

What do you guarantee? Why are the female shichons more? how much is shipping?
and other answers...FAQ's About Our Teddy Bears

Humane Center Fostering

We are happy to announce that we are foster parents of the HUMANE SOCIETY in Montgomery Tx, want to see our fosters get well and go home?
Our Fosters


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Teddy Bear Puppies Litter Page

Teddy Bear Puppies Litter Page

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Teddy Bear Puppies Litter Page

Teddy Bear Puppies Litter Page

Teddy Bear Puppies Litter Page

Teddy Bear Puppies Litter Page

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